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Cajun food is essentially Louisiana food, a mix of French, Spanish, and Caribbean influences. This rustic kitchen is characterized by its tasty ingredients and simple preparation.

Flavors Of New Orleans

The holy trinity, roux, seafood, rice, and pork are some of the essential ingredients in Louisiana cuisine. Spicing well is very important, but it's not all about cayenne pepper - Cajun is more about flavor than spiciness.


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The Most Popular Flavors Of New Orleans

Along with being hearty and flavourful, the cuisine of New Orleans is diverse. We serve food that truly makes your soul happy. When you visit us, we recommend you to try everything! Vibrant flavours and elaborate preparation methods, these mainstays of New Orleans are worth experiencing.

Fried Chicken

Straight from the farm to the kitchen, these two pieces of southern-style fried chicken are served with a side dish and a variety of homemade seasonal sauces.


African stew, served year-round in New Orleans regardless of heat or humidity. There are many varieties of gumbo in Louisiana, some based on seafood and others with smoked andouille sausage chicken.


Small plate of delicious, crunchy sweetbreads with arugula, pickled onions and lemon garlic aioli.The perfect company with a fresh pint.

Good Food | Good Wine​

The Bar

We Offer Different And Homemade Options

We also focus on regional wines that change depending on the season.

Nola we are fans of high quality. That's why we serve beer drawn by Filidoro, a boutique and local craft beer brand. Filidoro's philosophy is found in the delicate work from the selection of raw materials to the careful preparation to achieve a product of excellence.

Happy Customers!

“ Great service. The food is so fresh, and every bite is heavenly. The service is very warm.”

- Filiberto T Walker

"“It is my new favourite restaurant. Right from the appetizers to the drinks, we could not stop grinning from how good the whole experience was.”"

- Jerald N Kayser

“I cannot wait to be back here. I visit this place searching for some Cajole cuisine, and boy, was I stunned! The menu is so elaborate, and they prepare their drinks locally. They are awesome at what they do.”

- Filiberto T Walker

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