Cajun Food

Know About The Specialities Of Cajun Food!

Louisiana is known for its good vibes and good food. Cajun food is the most popular food variety in Louisiana. Their food is a part of their local culture. The people who stay in Louisiana enjoy Cajun food every day, just like they celebrate something every day of the year. So, let us look at some reasons for what exactly makes Cajun food special!

The roots of Cajun food’s history:

The style of cooking Cajun food was developed in the 18th century in the southern part of the United States, right after the Acadian immigrants fled to the US from Canada. The cultural dishes originated because of necessity as the Acadian immigrants were pretty poor. Also, they had large families, and it was undoubtedly necessary to satisfy everyone’s hunger.

This is why rice is the staple food found in most dishes, as it goes effortlessly along with every possible dish. This is how the roots of Cajun food were established, and even today, the Cajuns live along with food culture.

Cajun Food

Brings together the family and friends:

Food has the capacity to bring people together. Cajun food is mainly known for gathering people, family, and friends together. That is how it is prepared; not because of any particular ingredient or a secret recipe. Also, sharing food with others is part of Cajun food’s culture. According to the early ancestors of Cajun, sharing food was a way of leading one’s life and thus a part of their life.
Cajun food’s cooking involves a large quantity of everything. It involves many pounds of crawfish and shrimp and wide steaming pots of gumbo and jambalaya. One can never stay hungry during the cooking process and after that!

Spices used in Cajun food:

We are damn sure that the people who have tried Cajun food have found it to be spicier. The addition of celery, bell peppers, onions, and other seasonings bring a lot of flavour to Cajun food, making it spicier and tastier.

Cajun Food

However, Cayenne pepper and garlic are the prominent ones used in the recipes. Using these spices was that they were easy to grow and added organic flavour to the food. It is fascinating to know that even coffee is spicier in Cajun food as they add chicory roots to it!However, there are other unique foods for people who do not like spicy food or are allergic. Therefore, there is something for everyone, be it spicy food or mild food or sweet food!

Preparing Roux is a priority!

If anyone wants to know about how exactly a Cajun food is being prepared. The first thing you would listen would be, “Firstly, prepare a Roux!”
Roux is a base for most Cajun dishes that combine water, fat, flour, and seasoning. This helps the final dish to be consistent enough that it benefits the dish!

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