Italian Soda

How To Make The Italian Soda

If you haven’t tasted an Italian Soda yet, you are missing out on some toothsome delicacy. Refreshing for a hot summer, its fruity taste and creamy texture have a fandom of their own.

Perhaps, you have grown out of your soda routine. Make yourself an Italian soda at home and save up the money you had been spending on flavoured seltzers so far. You can nail an Italian soda on your own without the store-bought syrups. If you fancy a dessert, add a scoop of ice cream to your soda and relish it.

So easy to make, keep the ideas of the flavours flowing. It requires only a few ingredients. The soda does not need any marked cooking technicality. Make it your own with a few tweaks here and a soft fruity flavour there.

Why is Italian soda so enjoyable?

Italian Soda

Italian sods only need three ingredients: fruity syrups (homemade or store-bought), sparkling water or club soda and crushed ice. Even in a party set-up, the colourful Italian soda looks pretty and fun to have.

The recommended Italian soda flavours

Rhubarb, blackberry, and raspberry flavoured Italian sodas are the yummiest. But don’t let it limit your creativity. You can experiment and come up with a flavour that makes your taste buds dance.Also, the Italian Soda Bar is a great party idea. Your guests can assemble and make the soda the way they see fit, and it makes a great group activity.

You can add alcohol if you want to make it interesting

Try and add a plop of vodka or whiskey to the drink. While looking great, the fruity taste makes it even more enjoyable.

Italian Soda

Pieces of equipment required.

It is a breeze to make. You will need a saucepan, strainer and a spoon. That simple!


Fruity syrup – A basic syrup is a half water and half sugar, heated until the sugar dissolves. Flavour with any fresh fruit or juice available at home.

Sparkling water- This causes your drink to fizz. Alternately, try lemon soda to enjoy a sweeter drink.
Heavy cream- It is optional. The cream gives a richer texture to the drink that some prefer.

Instructions on preparation


Italian Soda

-First, make a simple syrup in a medium pot over medium heat. Once the mixture comes to a boil, and allow it to simmer for 15 minutes.
-Juice and strain any fruit into the syrup and put it in the refrigerator to cool.
-Next, fill a tall glass halfway with ice and pour ¼ cup of the simple syrup.
-Next in line is ½ cup of sparkling water.
-Lastly, add ¼ cup of heavy cream, if you prefer.
-You can modify the amounts of the simple syrup and heavy cream according to your taste.

In conclusion

With such a simple recipe, this soda can easily replace the cold drinks at your home for chilled family time together. Get creative with the flavours as there are no rules to follow when preparing this mouth-watering drink.

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